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I have the following sofa and foot stool that I need to move. Can you please provide a quote and what the process is for making arrangements?
Dimensions of the furniture are on the page of these links.
http://www.ikea.com/cn/en/catalog/products/S09011424/ - large 2-seat sofa with chaise lounge that will probably need to be separated

http://www.ikea.com/cn/en/catalog/products/80211169/ - foot stool
The fabric is a light color so will want the furniture wrapped in pads/blankets so they won't be marked.
Moving from:
183 Huaihai Xi Lu - 19th floor but there is lift from 1st floor, and entrance is directly across from the lift
Moving to:
169 Chong Qing Nan Lu - 2nd floor, wide and not very tall set of cement stairs (approx. 15 stairs) but will need to park on the street and then wheel the furniture through the alleys as there are lane houses surrounding the building
I am unsure on the exact move date as of yet.
I found your information on a ShanghaiExpat.com forum with a recommendation for your services. FYI
Thank you for your time.


Dear Laura,
Thank you for your email. We did do intra-urban transportation and moving business. We can move the sofa at any flexible time convenient for you.The cost is around RMB 1500. We can move the sofa anytime if think convenient for you. Our team will coming at your location at your agreed time with the proper package.
Thank you. and best regards,

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